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India Mock Test Series – UNESCO Heritage sites

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Welcome to Quiz,

We have developed an online quiz for you to practice the exercise and test your knowledge. So go ahead and take the test.

Before starting the quiz, read the following instructions carefully:

  • The time limit for the quiz is 5 minute.
  • The quiz is comprised of 5 questions.
  • The quiz is a multiple choice question paper where a question can have more than one correct answer.
  • There is no negative marking for the wrong answers.

Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.

Let’s start the quiz now,

1. In which state of India the Agra Fort is situated?

2. Which one of the following city situated on the banks of the Yamuna river

3. The Agra Fort lies on the banks of which of the following river?

4. The Agra Fort stands on an ancient site and was traditionally known as in which of the following name?

5. which Fort was originally a brick fort known as Badalgarh, held by Sikarwar Raja Badal Singh (c. 1475)?


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  • Hussain Ahmad yousufzai

    this quiz is very very beneficial for us. we will learn a lot of knowledge from this quiz.a lot of knowledge is present in this quiz.


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