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AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Practice Test Series

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Welcome to Quiz,

We have developed an online quiz for you to practice the exercise and test your knowledge. So go ahead and take the test.

Before starting the quiz, read the following instructions carefully:

  • The time limit for the quiz is 5 minute.
  • The quiz is comprised of 5 questions.
  • The quiz is a multiple choice question paper where a question can have more than one correct answer.
  • There is no negative marking for the wrong answers.

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Let’s start the quiz now,

1. What are groups of subscriptions called?

2. What happens if Azure does not meet its own Service Level Agreement guarantee (SLA)?

3. What is the significance of the Azure region? Why is it important?

4. How do you stop your Azure account from incurring costs above a certain level without your knowledge?

5. Which Azure service can be enabled to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for administrators but not require it for regular users?


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    Excellent all practical experience questions

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    Simple and Best knowledge testing tool…


    Thanks to provide a platform where we can test skills and knowledge


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