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3 Easy, yet stunning, ways to surprise your awesome wife!

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When I say easy, I actually mean it. These tips are probably the most easiest way to surprise your wife. And believe me, they are also, definitely, the most stunning ways to show your love and your care towards her, your amazing wife! Just like the way my husband did, on the very first birthday I celebrated with him after our marriage.

  • Getting to know her!

As most you may already know, ours was an arranged marriage, we did get a lot of time to get to know each other (about 7months – that is way more than an average time between engagement and wedding, especially in South India). Even then, how well can you really know a person, until you actually put some efforts into it.

My awesome husband did, and he showed me by giving me 36 gifts! Yes, you that right, he gave 36 (he was apparently aiming for a hundred) – small, neatly packed gifts of things I use every single day. the exact products, from the exact brand, like the clean & clear face wash or the eyetex eyeliner (liquid form), etc., The most amazing part was, not just that he gave me 36 gifts, but the thought and the effort he put into it.

  • Give importance to her wishes!

The way, I like to spend my birthday, is by surrounding myself with my loved ones. So the first stop we made that morning was, to my parents. Where my favorite lunch awaited me. Then, he had planned a secret get-together with my college friends at McDonalds. It was a pleasant surprise! There, a small cake cutting ceremony happened, along with a lot of, much needed chit-chats!

This is my definition of a perfect birthday. Of course, not everyone would want to spend the day like I would. Your wives might have a different idea to it. But, as a husband, you must make sure that you understand and give importance to her wishes.

  • Actually listening to her!

Some time, during those 4 months of our marriage life, I had mentioned to him, that I wanted to have a nice meal at the ITC grand chola. I don’t exactly remember when and how. He actually remembered that conversation, and had booked us a table on my birthday night.

And the fact that, he didn’t just tell me where we were going for dinner and made me guess and guess and guess … right until the last turn he made on the road. He knew I loved surprises, well I still do! Listen to your wife, and make note of those small hints she drops unknowingly. Use them to your advantage!

So, to sum it up, this is how my husband planned and celebrated my first birthday with him. What did you do to surprise your wife? And most importantly, what worked best?

Do share with us your thoughts, in the comments section below. And Follow this page for more such beautiful experiences and stunning ideas to treat your loved ones J

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