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3 fun places to cut the birthday cake!

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Birthdays itself means celebration. We don’t need any more reason to make it more fun, do we? No matter what age we are at, we all (secretly) want to celebrate our birthday is a special way. So, whenever I plan a surprise birthday party for someone I love, I will try to incorporate my ideas of fun in some way or the other possible.

Here is a list of some exciting ways, (which wouldn’t cost a dime), that I tried for celebrating my loved ones birthdays. These fun ways worked like a charm.

1. Surprise them in a decorated room!

Image walking tired towards your bedroom, instead, entering into a beautifully light up room, filled with aromatic candles, small colourful serial lights, your old photos, a mild music playing in the background and your loved ones screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” with a lovely cake awaiting you! Imagining in itself is awesome right. So, why not try to create that awesome feeling for someone you love?

2. On the terrace, in the moon light!

Moon is always special, right from our young age. Me and my cousins would run up to the terrace to have our dinner (a concept known as nila soru, moonlight dinner, in Tamil Nadu). So celebrating a birthday, cutting the cake under the moon light is quite special. Een if it is during day time, the terrace adds a little something. A quite easy way to surprise your loved one, isn’t it?

3. On the beach, with the amazing sea breeze

Beach is always fun, right? Be it for a small walk or vacation, the beach will add a certain cool element. So to celebrate a friend’s birthday, we took 2 bikes. We hid a small cake in one, while the birthday boy was on the other. We lied to him, and went around the area, saying it was just a fun ride. Ultimately reached the beach, lit the candle on the bike and made him cut the cake at 12. it was actually, his wife’s idea, that we made come true!

Like I said, we all love to celebrate our birthdays in a unique way. After all, it is “our day” right?

So how are you planning to celebrate the next birthday of your loved ones?

Do share with us, your thoughts and ideas, in the comments section below. And Keep following this page for more amazing memories and lovely moments J Have a great day J

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