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3 Unique Café that you must visit in Chennai!

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Let’s start with listing down the places, that would come to our mind when we plan for an outing. First on the list would be a nice restaurant for dinner, next would be a movie and the 3rd most commonplace will be a café! Café is the perfect spot for all kinds of informal meetings – be it a first date or a reunion or even a small birthday together.

To be honest, I have had my share of those awesome and fun-filled café visits. With friends, with family, and a few romantic ones with my hubby too. And here is a list of some of my awesome experience at some of these unique cafes in Chennai!

CCD – The Lounge, Besant Nagar

The top on my list would be the café coffee day! It is a common place, what is so unique about it, you ask? Well, this particular café in Besant avenue is pretty cool. The seating plan is different from others, with some casual outdoor seating too. And it is located in a relatively calm area. Making this café coffee day lounge different and special from others. Another reason, why this is so special to me is, we, me, and husband spend Valentine’s day together at this spot, every single year!

The Chocolate room, Velachery

A special place for all chocolate lovers, like me. It has chocolates in every form possible. The fondue, rich decadent cake, and their range of ice-cream sundaes are limitless. Back in 2012, when I did my intern in Hyderabad, I came across the chocolate room. And only after a year or so, I came to know that they have a branch here too. I have been there quite often, both with family and friends.

Ciclo café, Kotturpuram

Last, but not least, the Ciclo café! An equally well planned and designed themed Italian restaurant. The theme is cycles. You can dine on cycles, rent a short ride and buy them too. The first time I went there was with my hubby’s office team. It was the first time I met them too. It was nice to actually put faces to the names you hear every day right! All in all, a unique place for a unique experience!

Along with the joy of sharing with you all, there is another reason or me to write these short yet cute reviews. The moment I think about the place; I get to relive the entire experience. You see, the actual experience of a place is not just about the place, but also about the people we are with and most importantly, the occasion we visit on! no matter how much we try, we can never re-create the exact feel or experience. But, writing and reading about it will do. So, with the hope that you guys are enjoying my experiences, I will return with more, right here at!

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