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5 awesome Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ways, to decorate your party place!

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Who doesn’t love a perfectly executed birthday surprise? There is no age limit, when it comes to a birthday celebration – right from the 1st to the 100th or more, and right from kids to our grandparents, everyone will want to enjoy their day, at least secretly. So why not give them, your loved ones, the perfect setting for their special day!

1. Lots and lots of lights

Minimal lights and ambient lights can make any space look exotic and luxurious. So, why not use the same lights for a celebration? This is the quickest solution and can be arranged within no time. Perfect for a surprise. All you need is a set or two of the serial sets. Arrange them around your center piece – the cake!

This setting was done in 15 minutes – planned and executed by my parents for my husband’s birthday. It turned out to be a secret for me too. Most of us, will have at least a set of these serial lights in our homes. They are also available in all electrical stores and of course in all online shopping sites.

2. A Walk down the memory lane

Add a few photos, along with the lights. Pull out the photos from the old albums, their child hood photos, special occasions and their close family.

We surprised my aunt. My cousin (her son) took her out, so we got about 30 minutes to set up the place. We raided their old albums, I brought my serial light set along with me. And by the time they got back home, the place was set and ready to celebrate her 50th birthday.

3. Make the day brighter

Another way to brighten things up, when you cannot find a serial light set – is to use a few candles. They are in fact, even better than the lights, except for 2 small disadvantages – You have to extremely careful, if you have children around and the cleanup process is quite elaborate.

Candles are the perfect way to set up a birthday. Without the candles on the cake, the birthday party is not complete, right?

4. Balloons… balloons… everywhere

When we think about birthday celebrations, the first thing that comes to our mind will definitely be “Balloons”. These colourful and bouncy things bring the whole party to life.

My brother-in-law planned the perfect – surprise – birthday celebration for my sister. And we helped him execute it. He took her out for dinner, and that gave us ample time to fill up the room with big balloons and a lot of them. You can also try out these LED fitted balloons for late night parties.

5. Setting a theme

Many of you may be wondering, how can we make a themed party ourselves? Well, it is easier than it sounds. Especially, if you are running on a budget and still want to make the event a special one. I did it for my son’s first. We chose the Boss baby theme, as my son loves that theme song and he kind of reminds me of the character.

I used some metallic balloons, some black and white craft paper and serial lights to set the background. You can read more about this on “Planning a Themed birthday party on a budget”. If you are opting for a DIY themed party, please remember, you will definitely need a lot of patience and some effort to be put in.

All of these 5 awesome ways are tired and effectively repeated, by me, personally, for more than a few occasions (for different people each time). And Every time I planned a surprise for my loved ones, friends and family, I just loved to see the excitement in their eyes. Especially from the elder ones, my grandparents, aunts and uncles, as they generally won’t be expecting anything like this!

So who are you planning to surprise next? and How?

Do share with us your thoughts, in the comments section below. And Follow this page for more such beautiful experiences and stunning ideas to treat your loved ones J

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