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80th birthday celebrations of my grandfather

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Turning 80 is indeed a very special occasion, especially when you are surrounded by your loved ones. my grandpa turned 80th on the 17th April 2017. And we all wanted to give him the perfect gift, that he deserves. So, what do you think will form the perfect gift for my grandfather? Well if you had guessed that it would be his memories – then you are absolutely right! But how can you pack the memories of his fulfilled life into a gift?

Well we came out with a simple solution and broke down the gift into 3 parts.

  1. A storyline of his life story!

We collected photos and videos of him – Right from his young age, his stint in the airforce, his family (that is, us) – to tell a story, his story! With his favorites songs playing in the background. My mom chipped in with a small but beautiful poem to describe his life.

2. A compilation of wishes from his loved ones!

Even though we all wanted to be a part of this celebration, not all of us could make it physically. But distance should not be a barrier right? So we got everyone in the family to send their wishes as short videos.

3. A dance party with his favourite songs!

His favorite song is the “Ra Ra Rasputin Lover of the Russian Queen! “– my mom said that he would play that song on every Diwali! It wasn’t easy to find the right track, but the moment the song started to play, his face brightened like the sun. And he started to dance, just like he used to with my mom when she was a little girl. We all joined him too. The room turned into a disco floor, within seconds.

This little video compilation, indeed made his day. which according to me, is the Perfect gift that anybody would have given to their grandparents, on a very special occasion like their 80th birthday.

So what is your definition of The Perfect gift for your grandparents?

Do share with us, your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. And Follow this page for more such beautiful experiences and stunning ideas to treat your loved ones J

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