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A Guide to the perfect Quarantine Birthday Party!

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See, I love parties. so no matter what… I was determined to make each and every special occasion of my kid an extra special one. Even if it is just his 2nd birthday, and even if that birthday falls amid the quarantine period, it has to be special! And I am sure, most of you, as proud mommies and daddies of little munchkins will feel the same way. So, here is what I did … to make the day a memorable one for my kid!

Step 1: The Invite – now, a question must have popped into your mind, invite people for a quarantine birthday party? Yes, I did invite a lot of members… thanks to the advancement in our technology … we scheduled a meeting on zoom and invited all, I mean that literally, we invited all our friends and family to join us for the birthday bash. Without our friends and family, how can a party be complete?

So for the invite, we created a small video of my kid’s journey- from his birth till now… and along with that we sent the details of the zoom meeting to all our close ones.

Step 2: The décor – for a fun filled birthday party and that too for a 2-year-old, the décor is really important. We went for a theme combining 2 things he loves the most

  1. Colours – my kid is just fond of everything colourful – and so there was pastel colour balloons and a multi colour “happy birthday” banner. We used his “toy room” for the party, which also displayed the gifts that our friends and family sent him, well in advance!

2. Rowdy baby from Maari 2 – kollywood movie song. We dressed him up like the main character – a flowery shirt and dhoti!

Step 3: The Party – as planned the party was started at 6 sharp. You won’t believe it, the party had full attendance. Each and every one on our invitee list made the occasion extra special with their presence. We cut the cake, prepared by me – a rainbow layer cake, in the presence of everyone. It was a short but a really sweet birthday bash!

Like a regular party, the room was filled voices, chatter, fun and a lot of love. It is only after the party, we realized one thing, this was in a way, better than a regular party. As even my cousins, who lived abroad felt like they were an equal part of the celebration, rather than feeling left out due to the distance!

So what do you guys think about a quarantine party?

Do share with us your ideas and thoughts too, in the comments section below. And Follow this page for more such beautiful experiences and stunning ideas to treat your loved ones J

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