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A unique way to celebrate the 60th Birthday

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In the Indian culture, turning 60 is a very big deal! It is said that, 60 years marks the completion of one full circle. And so, that day or that occasion is also called as the shastiabdapoorthi or arubatham kalyanam. The term shastiabdapoorthi is a Sanskrit word – meaning Shashti implies sixty; abda– year; poorthi-culmination.

This particular arubatham kalyanam is held with even greater importance when both the husband and wife can celebrate it together. So, when my father-in-law turned 60, we wanted to make it a grand celebration. Take them to the thirukadaiyur temple, which is the place for such celebrations. Invite all of our relatives!

But my father-in-law had other plans. He and my mother-in-law, as most of you will know by now, are not big fans of grand celebrations. That made us to reconsider this decision – the decision of making it big. Ultimately, we wanted them to be happy, that is the main reason for celebrations any kind, right?

So, instead of spending on such grand celebrations, we opted to give them a series of gifts. We started small – fired cashew nuts – my FIL’s favorite. A travel bag (as he travels a lot). New dresses for the couple. And finally a mobile (which otherwise, he wouldn’t accept).

And, on the day of his 60th birthday, instead of a cake, we made him cut- his most favorite sweet- Wheat halwa. I should thank my mom for that, it was her preparation. Following that, we went to the dhandeeswaram temple, Velachery. This temple is also known for the arubatham kalyanam celebrations.

There, we made them exchange garlands. That was the part, my mother-in-law enjoyed the most! Spent the day together as a family. This was what he wanted and that was what we did. All in all, it was definitely a unique way of celebrating a shastiabdapoorti.

I hope, this article provides you with a small motivation – to celebrate the milestones of your parents, in a way that they would enjoy!

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