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Bring back the spark – A much needed Getaway from our busy lives!

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Most often than not, we all need a break. And not all of us can admit to it. We will be convincing ourselves with a few lies like, we are okay, and this is the way things should be, life happens and the most common lie, we try to convince ourselves with is that – we are taking enough breaks! Let me stop you there, NO, we are not!

Let us be honest, we are always chasing behind something or the other, a good job, a promotion, an increment, and in that race, we don’t find enough time to care for ourselves, leave alone care for our beloved.

Now, I don’t want to be taken for granted like that by my husband. So we made a pact, that we will take a break from our busy lives, to stop and enjoy each other’s company at least once every year. And in the year 2016, our break was a much needed (extended) weekend getaway to GOA!

But, this time, we did make a small change, we went as a couple of couples. His friend joined us. As a bit of a conservative couple of couples, who don’t drink or party, it was not a typical “Goa” experience. We did have a lot of fun, site seeing, long drives, date night and what not.

It’s no secret that I love bikes and long drives, especially Royal Enfield. I still push my husband to get one. And so, we hired 2 awesome bikes for our entire trip there. On which I tried my riding skills too (not too shabby I think).

We roamed around the beaches and checked out the museum, churches and the Aguada fort! And to top it off, my hubby and his friend took us, the ladies out for a beautiful date night, along the beach. It was the perfect getaway!

Overall, it was a short, but an awesome trip, a trip to remember!

A lot of us think, that relaxing or taking a break means to sit in, and sleep through out your weekend. That might work, but sometimes, you need to break out of your regular routine. Pause your busy life to enjoy, recharge and rejuvenate.

Take a break once a while and plan a getaway. It may be small, or extended or even a vacation. You deserve it!

So where are you planning your Getaway?

Do share with us, your thoughts and ideas, in the comments section below. And Keep following this page for more amazing memories and lovely moments J Have a great day J

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