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Bring back the spark – Our very own unique rituals!

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All of us want to be at least a little different from others. We actually are… Unique and special in our own way. But we tend to forget that due to the fast-paced life of ours. We all tend to do the same things, follow the same routines, and ultimately we even forget our own special days – be it a birthday or an anniversary. Leave alone having unique rituals to celebrate them, how many of us actually take the time out to celebrate them?

Birthdays become just another day and anniversaries go without even a small wish to each other. That’s not how it should be right? So, we, me and husband have made up a few small little rituals that we vowed to follow for the rest of our lives. Like,

Valentine’s day rituals!

Our first valentine’s day was very special, as it was our first ever date as a couple. We meet up at a small Café Coffee day outlet in Guindy. Spent some time and had a yummy chocolate decadent cake. And so, to keep reminding us, about lucky we are to have found each other, we always make it a point to go to any Café coffee day outlets, to celebrate our valentine’s day.

unique valentines day rituals

Anniversary celebrations

Just like valentine’s day, we made a pact to have a small vacation on or near to our anniversary, every single year. A small weekend getaway that will give us the time and the space to enjoy each other’s company and to cherish our year-long memories! And we made it happen until last year. Poovar, Goa, Hyderabad, Mahabalipuram, Pondy, and Andaman. Due to the lockdown, we missed out on one year L

And last but not the least, the Birthday rituals!

We celebrate our birthdays like kids. Both of us, demand gifts from each other. We still enjoy cake cuttings and we both will make sure that the day’s dinner is special. On my birthday, he would ensure that I get all my favorites as the dinner meals and vice versa. This may not sound like a big deal, but trust me, it makes us feel pampered! And who wouldn’t love being pampered?

unique birthday rituals

So what are the small little unique rituals you follow to keep the spark alive?

Do let us your thoughts in the comments section below. And keep following this page for more awesome ideas to surprise your loved ones! Cheers J

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