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Bring back the spark – Surprising your loved ones!

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As you must be familiar with my concept of Bringing back the spark by now. So I am going jump straight into the article. This article is about small gestures that can make a huge difference in any celebrations. Here are few amazing ways that you can try to surprise your loved ones!

Gathering their loved ones!

This is one story I have to tell you. My parents planed the perfect surprise for us, when we were celebrating our first anniversary. They took us out for a small dinner at Rainforest restaurant. And there was a pleasant surprise awaiting us. All our close friends welcomed us. I still can’t believe that they tracked down and reached out to all our friends (mine and my hubby’s). That day is by far the biggest surprise that my parents had planned for us!

Sending them flowers – when they least expect it!

When my hubby’s friend (a very close buddy, and like a brother to me) was celebrating his 5th anniversary, we were not in town. But, we wanted to surprise them in some way or the other. That’s when we got to know that they were planning to dine at Azuri bay. So we called up the restaurant and arranged for them to gift the anniversary celebrating coupe – a beautiful bunch of red roses! It was not just the gift, but also the timing and location, that made is more special.

Giving them the most important gift – Time!

Confused right? Well, let me clear it up for you. My two best friends fell in love and got married. But, there was one small thing, he lived in US and she was completing her studies, here in India. That means, that it was a Long-distance relationship. So, when he flew down here for a family function, they could not spend that quality time together. So we, friends gifted them a dinner date! We booked them a table and payed for the evening!

These may be small gestures, but, it sure does make a huge impact on their special day!

So how are you planning to Surprise your loved ones on their special day?

Do share with us your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below! And keep following this page for more awesome ideas to surprise your loved ones! Cheers J

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