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How I planned the perfect 25th wedding anniversary for my parents!

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I love surprises. But the thing I love more is surprising my special ones. I am so glad that my hubby understands this part of me and I am even more glad that, he actually lends a hand when I plan a little something for everyone. So, when it came to my parent’s special milestones, it was no small thing. And I decided to leave no stone unturned.

They have been the best example of a couple… an inspiration for us. And as newlyweds, me and my hubby (We got married in sept 2013, and their 25th anniversary was before our first), along with my sister (who was studying in a different city then) brainstormed quite a few times and came up with the list of things that they would enjoy the most!

1. They love spending time with us.

When we were discussing the probable ways of celebrations, we thought about getting them a table reserved at a romantic location, but then it hit us, they are a traditional South Indian Couple, who would rather enjoy the time at home, surrounded by us, their kids, than going alone to a restaurant. And that’s how, we came up with the idea of making it as an event!

2.For them family comes first.

And family doesn’t stop with their kids, it extends to their parents, sisters, brothers and their kids too. Also my dad’s college friends, who stay in touch. Well, actually more than just in touch. His friends, and their families as well, are part of our lives – even after more than 25 years, can you believe that? So the event will not be complete, if it was just us, right? We made a list of all our relatives and friends.

3.They take pride in our history and traditions.

So we decided the location should be of traditional importance – we were jumbling between Dakshin chitra and Choki dhani. Both are excellent places to spend time in. But due to the fact that my parents have never been to Choki dhani, we finalized that as the venue.

With traditional rajasthani setting and authentic food, it provided us the perfect venue for our special celebration. You can check out the venue @

4.My mom enjoys a bit of poetry now and then.

She and my dad actually write a bit too. I tried my luck with the pen, as we designed the invitation for the event. And also made a photo collage using the same poem with a little tweak here and there.

5.Finally, the event:

All of this was kept as a surprise. I have to tell you this, it was really hard to maintain it as a secret, specially from my dad. But it was all worth it. The look on their face, the smile and their enjoyment, as they opened the doors of the small party hall, (inside choki dhani) and were welcomed by all of their loved ones. We enjoyed the evening to the fullest… with a gorgeous cake, a yummy dinner and most importantly a lot of chitchat. I will deem this as one of my first and most successful efforts.

Planning an event in itself is no small feat. But even the smallest event can become the biggest surprise for your loved ones, when it is done to their liking. So always sit and dig deep about your special ones, what they are going through, what they enjoy the most and most important category of all is – the things they secretly love! Transform these small findings into meaningful gifts …. This will make your loved ones feel even more special on their already special day!

Have you tried something like this to surprise your parents? Do share with us your emotions when you felt their excitement, in the comments section below. Follow this page for more such beautiful experiences and stunning ideas to treat your loved ones 🙂

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