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How to make a Sweet 16 even sweeter? 3 awesome birthday ideas!

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We come across a number of birthdays in our happy long lives. Each and every one of that is birthday is special, but still, there are a few milestone birthdays that we just cannot forget! Starting with the first birthday then comes 13 – marking the entry into teenage, 18 – marking the entry into adulthood, the silver jubilee, golden jubilee, etc., Wait… I think I missed one – the sweet 16! Well, sorry boys, but this one is restricted and special only for girls. Why should boys have all the fun, right?

The Sweet Sixteen, as per tradition, is celebrated as the coming-of-age or entry into womanhood for girls. Well, as tradition goes, this may sound outdated. But it is still fun to celebrate each and everything, right? So, without further ado, I would like to share with you all, 3 awesome tips that I put together for my little sis’s memorable sweet sixteen!

The gifts to make it a sweeter 16

I got her 16 of them. Starting with a simple Parker Pen (for her, then upcoming exam), a cute pair of earrings, perfect partywear, etc., Make a list of all the things (small and big) that your princess will love and enjoy.

gifts for sweet 16

A memorable memento

My sister’s sixteenth birthday came during a very hectic time for her. Right before her 12th board exams. And that also means she will be bidding adieu to her beloved school besties. So, I got her a coffee mug. Now, how is a mug related to that, you ask? Well, the mug is filled with her loved one’s photos and signatures!

sweet 16 gift ideas

The Sweet 16 party setup and celebrations

With the upcoming board exams, not just her, but her friends too needed a break. That inspired me to set up a small party at our home with a cute little princess cake. The presence of her friends simply made her day!

sweet 16 princess cake

This is how I planned and celebrated my sister’s Sweet sixteen. And I hope I have inspired you to plan your princess upcoming Sweet 16! Do let us your thoughts in the comments section below. And keep following this page for more awesome ideas to surprise your loved ones! Cheers 🙂

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