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Introducing a Wow factor into a traditional engagement party!

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Surprising and planning surprises apparently runs in my family too, I guess. And to prove that to you, I am going to tell you how my sister turned a very traditional south Indian Engagement party into a fun-filled and memorable one, not just for me, but for the entire guests filled in that room. Even after 7 long years, people still cannot forget that part of my wedding party!

Right in the middle of the very traditional Engagement party, Where routine rituals, like my relatives coming in line to apply haldi and tilak was happening, my sister introduced 3 things that filled had “WOW” written all over them!

Yummy cake to start the Engagement party

It all started with a simple cake cutting ceremony. But even that had a wow factor. She ordered the cake to my liking – Black forest flavor. And better – the color of the cake exactly matched my attire. It was so cool and yummy too.

Cute mementos!

Then came 2 cute gifts. Engagements are not complete without flowers right. And so there came 2 cute velvet flowers, one for each of us. And a photo frame with the capture of my first meeting with my hubby! Indeed a perfectly memorable one!

DISCO dance floor in the Engagement party

And finally, the whole event turned into a PARTY! She started, what followed a random yet amazing set of dances, that was spontaneous. Every single person in that banquet hall enjoyed and actually danced. Right from small kids to even my own grandpa, it was fun, fun and fun! The songs kept flowing and we had one guest performance after another. My sister and friends filled the gaps too, perfectly.

Engagement dance party

Engagements and marriages are by default one of most unforgettable events of any one’s life. But how many of us will remember and cherish the weddings of others. Believe me, when we went to invite my relatives for my sister’s wedding, everyone one of them couldn’t stop talking about that engagement party, that happened 7 years ago!

So how are you planning to inert that WOW factor in your special day?

Do share with us, your thoughts and comments in the feedback section and keep following this page for more amazing surprise ideas to treat your loved ones! Cheers J

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