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Planning a Themed birthday party on a budget!

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Planning a very special day for your little one, thinking about a theme party? I’m sure you would not leave out even the smallest detail. I did the same… and like you, I too, had a few obstacles, while at it. Budget being the biggest one.

Leave alone a themed party, even the basic party, now-a-days costs the world and we had a lot of invitees too … more than a hundred! And our spend limit was fixed … but that did not stop me. And I would like to share our process of planning and executing the perfect first birthday of my son, with you all…

1. The Theme – the first and foremost thing to do, is to fix on a theme. My son loves the Boss Baby introduction song – I am heaven … and to say the truth, he kind of reminds me of the Boss Baby character itself. So we looked no further. Boss baby was our theme.

2. The party place – Once the theme was fixed, we started to look for the perfect location. We wanted to make it extra special, not just for him, but also, for all the kids, who will attend the party. And so, we decided the place to be a play gym – The Kartwheel, adyar. a place where the kids can play and enjoy, instead of sitting quietly in one seat, while the cake is being cut.

3. The invitation – I wanted the theme to be reflected right from the invitation. We took out the clip of the boss baby to form the introduction and the actual invitation was based on the letter in the climax of the movie, his brother writes, inviting the boss baby back to his family.

4. The décor and more – With a plain white backdrop (that was available in the hall itself), I added a big cutout of a tie. And We hung a banner of his name – White paper cutouts of the characters of his name stuck on black chart cutouts of smaller tie.

Blue and silver balloons with ribbons and some serial lights added the much needed finishing touches to the backdrop. Even the water class and juice cups had little black ties stuck to them.

A chalk board, designed by my brother – printed in flex, added charm to the overall decor. I baked the cake – kept it simple –blue and white with a boss baby cake topper!

5. Finally, the return gift – For this, we got some plain white paper bags and decorated them ourselves, with quotes from the movie. The bags were filled with small set stationary and a Home-Made pack of healthy cookies.

I am proud to say that, all went perfectly and as planned. When we approached a party planner – their estimate was more than a lakh. We did check with a few others before deciding to take up the job ourselves. Would you believe it – It actually saved us about 50%?

Well, my friend didn’t. In fact, she was in pleasantly surprised, when I told her that it was all DIY.

Planning and organizing a DIY themed party is drag and a bit of hard work, but your little one deserves that special care, right?

Do share with us your thoughts, in the comments section below. And Follow this page for more such beautiful experiences and stunning ideas to treat your loved ones 🙂

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