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Top 3 Unique pocket-friendly Themed Restaurants in Chennai

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Themed restaurants are always a fun place to hang out in. personally my favorite, right next to rooftop restaurants. Do check out my list of 4 Best Places for a Romantic Moonlight Dinner

Now, coming back to themed restaurants, no matter the age, all of us will turn into children the moment we enter into one. The awe we feel when we look around these beautifully designed restaurants… Makes it the perfect place for any kind of a get together – be it a birthday party or a bachelor party or even a simple family dinner!

On that thought, here is a list of 3 awesome Themed restaurants that we personally enjoyed and loved going to!

Rain forest, adyar

A perfectly recreated forest theme. Not just by looks but also the sound. Animal figures and greenery, along with a smooth background noise creates an all-around 3-Dimensional experience. A must visit place, where kids will definitely enjoy the most!

747, OMR

This is an aero plane themed restaurant, located on the OMR, Chennai. They have taken the dining experience to the next level. The setting flawlessly replicates the look of the interiors of the aero plane. They welcome you with a boarding pass, the waiters are dressed as pilots and air hostess to make the experience real.


The ROBOT restaurant is a reflection of our growth in the tech field. Here the food is served to your tables by mechanized robots! These robots are programmed to welcome you and have small conversations too. My son, about 2 years, loved the robot and kept chasing it all around.

They are not just awesome based on the ambience, but they are light on the pocket too. And the food in all the 3 restaurants is equally delicious! Or that is what we felt when we enjoyed our time in these spots. And I am sure you will too. Do keep following this page for more awesome ideas to surprise your loved ones! Cheers 🙂

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