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Bring Back the Spark – A Unique Moonlight Dinner!

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What is so unique about this moonlight? Just a minute – I will tell you the whole story. Right from the time the lockdown started, along with the fear of the pandemic due to the novel covid-19 virus family, another problem took predominance in all our homes – stress. We usually go out at least for a family dinner or a movie to break free from week-long stress, right? Even our kids are facing a lot of stress due to being locked inside the home all the time!

And we are no different. It started to reflect on our relationship too. The fact that we restricted ourselves from going out anywhere (as we have a 2-year-old – and yes, we are a little cautious), made it even more difficult. That is when my awesome husband came up with a brilliant idea of a Moonlight Dinner.

moon light dinner

He planned a surprise Moonlight Dinner on the terrace. But then there was a small problem, it was a no moon night. He tackled that quite smoothly too. He got me this beautiful 3-D Printed Moon with a Colour changing LED light!

You can find it here –

Rylan Colour Changing Sensor Touch Decoration 3D Crystal Ball USB Rechargeable Moon Night Lamp with Wooden Stand (15 cm)
Rylan Colour Changing Sensor Touch Decoration 3D Crystal Ball USB Rechargeable Moon Night Lamp with Wooden Stand (15 cm)

The moment I saw the beautiful moon surrounded by yummy food – prepared by his own hands … I just went aww!! There were mash potatoes and cheesy potato balls! I didn’t know that he could cook that well.

mashed potatoes

There is this old song in Tamil – “Andha Nilava thaan, en kaiyila pudichen, En rasatikaaga!”. Which literally translates to – I held the Moon in my hands, for my love! Felt like that came true.


After a long time, we felt like we were ourselves! Had a great time on the terrace, with amazing food, the much need conversation and a big laugh too! It was a much-needed break from our routines. And the best part that I loved about the whole evening was that – he improvised! The “moon” made that date night awesome.

So, how are you planning to shake off the stress due to this never-ending lockdown?

Do share with us your thoughts and ideas in the feedback section. And keep following this page for more cool experiences! Have a great day J

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