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How to make your Wife’s Traditional Baby shower celebrations extra special!

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The baby shower procedures in India is way different from the rest of the world. Here it is more of a ritual and a tradition than a fun get-together. And theses traditions too, vary from state to state! So, before I start, I thought I should give you a glimpse of how it is done.

The Seemantham

The soon to be mom is all dressed up and ready for the function. The “soon to be” mom’s parents are supposed bring “Varisai” – meaning – they will have to get gifts, snacks, fruits, etc., and arrange it in a plate and keep them in a line (Varisai ;))

baby shower gifts

The number of plates should be in odd number too. And one of those plates should have a new saree and jewelry for the soon to be mom! Then the soon to be mom changes her attire to the new saree brought by her parents. And the nalangu starts.

seemantham nalangu

Everyone will come one-by-one. Apply Turmeric and puts bangles on her hands (Vallaikaapu). Once this gets over – the soon to be mom will go to her parent’s place, and will stay there until after the delivery. This is done ensure a comfortable environment for the soon to be mom. And all the Varisai plates (with snacks and gifts) will go to the soon to be dads place!

And my Seemantham!

See, that is where I got a little irritated. I am generally the kind of a person who will question all the ritual, before following them! In the same way, me and my husband used to have a lot of conversations about all of this. About the unfairness of most of it. the guys place has more rights over the baby, but the girl’s family will have to spend to get her jewelry! And the fact that, the Varisai plates- which is bought for the soon to be mom, is retained by the guy’s family!

this had made him think a lot. And I was pleasantly surprised when he planned a few awesome things on the day of my Seemantham!

#1. He actually got all the snacks and chocolates that I crave for during my pregnancy. And arranged them in 3 plates (Varisai). He didn’t miss a single thing – From Ferrero to peanut candy – every single thing was there!

pregnancy cravings

#2. He knows I love cakes and cake cutting celebrations. And so he got me a small cute chocolate cake!

#3. And to top all of this, he gifted me a beautiful ring! That was the biggest surprise of the day.

In addition to all this, my mom wrote a beautiful poem for me – that explained the hard journey I had to overcome to bear my prince – We tried for 4 years! All of this is not a part of a ritual. And there was no reason for him to do this. But he did! It was the perfect seemantham, any girl would ever dream of!


So, how are you planning to surprise and support your wife during her incredible journey of becoming a mother?

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and keep following this page for more amazing ideas to surprise your loved ones. Have a great day J

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