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Bring back the spark – Sometimes, all you need is a long drive!

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Right from the very first day of our married life, we made a promise – both of us – to each other. The promise is to always keep the spark alive. I’m sure most of us, loving couples, would love to keep it that way. We do try, but life happens. Work, stress, responsibilities, household issues, kids, and what not.

It was one such a month. Work got in the way of our otherwise fun filled life. Incidentally and unfortunately, both of us had work targets to reach. We both were extremely preoccupied with work – late hours, stress and worse, the moment we got home, house hold works awaited us, leaving us with no time to even greet each other properly.

And what will be the result of this? Well you guessed it right, one fine Saturday, we got into an argument, a huge one. But, the good thing about that argument was that, we realized the amount of stress, that was burdening us. And so we decided to leave everything behind and run away, quite literally!

The very next day, a beautiful sunny Sunday. My loving husband, kick started his bike, a unicorn. And just like that, we were off. We both had no idea of where we were heading. And that was the most amazing part of the day. We did not plan anything.

The moment we reached the main road, we had to make a decision – the left or the right, and that’s how our journey panned out. Spontaneous lefts and rights. Sudden pit stops for food. We came across Adyar anandha bhavan and we stopped for breakfast. The moment we saw buhari, we decided to have lunch, even if it meant, that we had our lunch way earlier than usual (at 12 itself).

We ended up reaching upto to mahaballipuram and returning back. On the way, enjoying some sea breeze at kovallam, a small boat ride at muttukadu, and a surprising temple visit at thiruvidanthai, it was surprising for us, mostly because, we are not usually “the temple going people”. But, it felt right, that day.

Trust me, that day, recharged us. Gave us the energy we needed to pull through the next month of even more hectic work. Life will happen, but that does not mean we should allow it to control our moods, right?

Take some time out. And do something that you both will enjoy. On any day, the day may not be an anniversary or a birthday, for you to make it special. But the day, will definitely become one of your best memories, right up with your first anniversary and your child’s birth. You will, cherish the memory of that day, even years after, just like me!

So, how are YOU planning to keep the spark alive?

Do let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. And do follow this page for more amazing memories and lovely moments J Have a great day J

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