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Bring back the spark – Plan a Spontaneous Dinner Date

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For the most of us, the first year of marriage is the most interesting and joyful memory. Filled with a lot of surprises, a lot of joy, a lot of fun and of course a lot of love… but as time goes by, more often than not, we tend to redirect our focus to our jobs, and the kids take up most of our time. Unknowingly and unintentionally, we let the spark fade away slowly. Most of us succumb to the fast and busy life that we actually forget to live it.

In this series, I am going to let you in on our little secrets. I am going to list out a few surprises, that both us treated each other with. Sometimes it’s me, and other times, it’s him. We never take each other for granted. It is these efforts, that we put in once in a while, brings back the spark and makes our life a thousand times more exciting.

One such occasion was, about two months after our 2nd anniversary. My in-laws, his parents were out of town. Both of us have full time jobs – 10 to 8! But, one day, I saw an opportunity and grabbed it with both hands.

I lied to my husband that I will be late than normal. This lie was enough to keep him in office late (he doesn’t like getting back to an empty home). I got off work early and returned home after a small grocery shopping.



I made him dinner – Veg spaghetti and a yummy creamy delicious chocolate brownie with ice–cream for dessert. (I kind of take a little pride in my cooking as my husband loves it. With his encouragement I started posting my recipes on

Once I finished the cooking part, I rushed to our terrace with a blanket and a few cushions. I set them down, cleared the surroundings. I searched my home for serial lights, but in vain. I then substituted them with a few candles, that made the setting all the more romantic.

Finally, I called my husband to come back home, and teased him a little, by saying that I’m too tired to make dinner and he had to take me out. so as he went up to change, I blindfolded him and led him upstairs.

The candle lights along with the moon, welcomed him. And we had a fun dinner, reliving our dates from the early days of our relationship (ours was an arranged marriage, so we were actually reliving our memories of our first year of marriage 😉

These very small surprises and dinner dates are what keeps me from going crazy in our otherwise super busy and ultra-tense lives. I am sure most of you can relate to the various stages of the marriage right? Do let us know, how you keep your life interesting and exciting, in the comments section below. Keep following this page for more amazing memories and lovely moments J Have a great day J

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  • Dineshkumar R

    Wow. This is an interesting blog. Will try to suprise my dear one like this and share the experience by coming back to this blog.


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