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Transforming the humble Nalangu Function into a fun-filled mehindi eve!

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My event planning brains was on full fire, right from the moment we decided my sister’s wedding day. Well, it was my little sister, who was getting married. First, let me introduce my sister to you all. A studious geek, a straight forward person, a sincere doctor and a Hindi Movies fan.

Other than the time, she spends with her books, she is mostly seen with ear phones plugged keenly watching movies! Especially Hindi ones… unlike the rest of us, who would rather indulge in our native language.

On watching those films, she had a few ideas and dreams about her wedding. She loved the sangeeth nights and the hype created around the mehindi function. So, as her big sister, I decided to transform the traditional nalangu (South Indian Haldi) function, the one, I am supposed to host, into a fun filled Mehindi cum Sangeeth night!

I did so, without much in-depth knowledge of both, so my dear north indian friends, please pardon me, for my unorthodox way of planning the event. It was done purely to make her enjoy the evening.

The sangeeth:

Since, me and my cousins and friends gathered only a day before, all that we could manage was a few seconds of choreographed dance. An important point to be noted here is, none of us, was a trained dancer. So, she was pleasantly surprised as we welcomed her to the event with a few simple steps. Once we did our part, she quickly joined us, for a second round. The round which turned into a small disco like dance party!

Mehindi time:

With a passion for art works, I do and I have done some intricate mehindi designs for a few friends, before their big day. and so, she ordered me to make the mehindi designs for her. But, the twist here is, she did not quite expect that, I would plan an entire evening, especially for this. I also hired a few professional mehindi artists, so that all of my cousins and relatives too can have their hands decorated before the big event!

Finally, for the food:

We went for platter of the north Indian chaat that included Dahipoori, panipoori, papdi chat, bhelpoori and alootikki as the starter. Next came thegobi and aloo paratha on the side of a bhoondi raita, finishing with the juiciest and my sister’s favorite – Rasagulla!

And that is how the evening panned out – one my most successful event planning endeavor and a memorable last evening for my sister, as a bachelorette!

Do let us know your thoughts about this fun-filled event. And Keep following this page for more amazing memories and lovely moments J Have a great day J

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