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Bring back the spark – celebrate every single thing!

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If you guys guessed that “Bring back the spark” means bringing back the spark between a couple, then, you are wrong. This series of articles is about celebrating life and celebrating each and every part of the family.

So, how do you bring back the spark in a family, you ask? That is actually pretty simple and very straight forward. Start celebrating every single thing. I literally mean it.

Like if your child gets an A in his art class, encourage him – celebrate it. it will make a huge difference in his life. Give him that spark, that he deserves.

Or like, the time, we celebrated, my sister writing her medical entrance.

Yes, you read it right. It was not when she cleared it, it was the moment she returned from the exam hall. As most you can understand, the amount of stress and pressure, students undergo while preparing for a medical entrance test. They deserve a break, at least until they await the result. So, no matter what the result may be, we wanted her to snap out of that pressure. And voila, we out a nice dinner, and cut a cake. We celebrated that day, as a family!

Or like, the time, my mother-in-law turned 59.

We unlike everyone else, my mother-in-law is really not a big fan of celebrations, cakes or gifts. And turning 60 is deemed to be a big thing, 59, not so much. But we celebrated that too, in a way she would like it. We all went out to temple and got her a small pair of gold earrings. Any mom will treasure a piece of jewelry, especially, when it is from her son right?

Or every other birthdays and anniversaries, not just the milestones. And even those, small hikes and jumps at workplace of your loved ones.

Celebrating the most trivial events, may seem like a “out of the world” thing to do. but, when you do, it will light the faces of your family members and the bond will get stronger and stronger by the day.

Someone, always will have to take up the initiative to do something this crazy. Are your ready to take up the Challenge?

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