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The grand entry of the Bride and Groom! – Wedding planning ideas!

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I was pretty young when I got married – just about 22 and a half. I was pretty innocent and dint really know about how to get things done. But then when we started planning my little sister’s wedding, I wanted to make sure all her dreams, and a little of mine 😉 came true – the dream wedding.

As most of you would agree, in a traditional wedding, especially in big fat south indian weddings, we cannot exactly make changes. There are a lot of guests to attend to, and whole lot of rituals to perform. Which left me with the reception. There too, my mom is quite strict (and a little conservative). But, thankfully, she did agree on making “The Entry” interesting. And that’s how, we choreographed a sequence for the bride and groom entrance.

  1. We started off with the help of some amazing Fire works

    The path way, right from the entry to the entry door of the wedding hall, was lined with no more than 10 numbers of fireworks. As the bride and groom walked, the fireworks were lit one by one. It was the perfect start to the perfect wedding.

  2. Here comes the bride and the groom …. In the flower panthal

    There were 2 major problems with this –

    1. This is not exactly a part of our (South Indian / Tamilian) weddings
    2. We are 2 daughters, meaning we did not have brothers to hold the panthal.

    So you may ask who are the 4 people in the picture. Well, (except for the one in the black blazer – that’s my husband) they have been more than a brother to us. 2 of them are my cousins, who have been the most important part of our life, right from our child hood and the other is actually a friend of my husband, who turned out to be more than family to us.

  3. Finally, and most importantly – a few dance steps!

    Only this part of the sequence was a surprise to my sister. It was planned at the last minute – so all that we could manage was a minute of choreographed dance. Surely, it was fun as it was the first time, we ever did something like this. The funny thing is that, my sister is the dancer of the family, I am sure she would have had a laugh looking at our choreography!

This Bride Groom entry sequence went off without a hitch and so did her wedding. It was indeed the definition of perfect! All evening I went around getting amazing complements from our guests. These little sequences are the difference between an ordinary and an extra ordinary event, right?

So what are you planning to make your wedding guests go “WOW“?

Do share with us, your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. And Follow this page for more such beautiful experiences and stunning ideas to treat your loved ones J

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