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Step-by-Step : Create & Deploy WordPress Application in Azure via Portal

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In this blog, we are going to learn “How to Create & Deploy WordPress Application in Azure via Portal”


Step 1: Click on “Create a resource”

Step 2: Search for and select “wordpress”

Step 3: Select “WordPress” service from market place

Step 4: Click on “Create” to proceed with creation process

Step 5: Click on “Database” shown below to setup database server

Step 6: Set-up the database server by providing server name, login credential, pricing tier, then click on “Ok”

Step 7: Fill out the app details, then click on “Create” to create wordpress app

Step 8: Now you can see the wordpress app is deployed with all the resources such as App service plan, Azure Database etc

Step 9: Copy the wordpress app “URL”

Step 10: Browse the URL in browser, then proceed with the wordpress setup wizard steps

Step 11 : Now, you can see your wordpress app is now live

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  • Just Emandleni

    How do you migrate a local wordpress site onto Azure?


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