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3 Out – of – world – Personalized gift ideas!

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Is a special occasion nearing and don’t know what to get for your better half? I know, it’s really hard to come up with something new – year after year. It should not be a replica of something you have already bought, it also should be of value to your beloved… I understand the difficulty. So for this year, why not try something personal? A customized gift!

A customized gift has become quite a popular term now-a-days. There are thousands of options, available in the market –like a photo mug, or a simple canvas print, then there is the message in a bottle, which is cute, or name engraved key chains, list goes on and on and on… When you have a lot of options, it gets even harder to choose the right one. Here, I am not going to list the number of gifts available, rather, I’m going to tell you the 3 best of the best personalized gifts, that your dear one will definitely cherish!

  1. Paint a memory…

One of my hobbies, was to paint. Now-a-days, I just don’t get the time. So it was really surprising for my husband when I painting Us on a canvas for your first anniversary. I understand if you are not good with a brush, you can always hire someone to do it for you. Artists are available online itself. Get a painting of both of you or just a portrait of your loved one. It will be a gift to remember!

  1. Miniature dolls…

What could be better than a frame of your portrait? Well, my answer would be- a small cute miniature! My sister got a miniature clay doll made of her and her husband for his birthday. a replica of them, celebrating their first ever valentine’s day together. You can get these dolls done, from just about a thousand rupees a piece. Do remember, it need not even be a perfect replica, just something that will jolt their memory of your special day together. It is a gift to cherish …

  1. Relive the memory…

I have saved the best, for the last. My sister got her husband a clay doll, but, my brother-in-law went one step ahead and re-created the setting of their first ever dinner date! With the help of a friend, he made sure the model was detailed to perfection. Right from the location (sea-side restaurant) to their table design. It was just amazing and by far, the best personalized gift I have ever come across.

Don’t believe me, have a look for yourself!

I hope this articles provides you with the much need inspiration for you to surprise your loved one. Do share with us your ideas and thoughts too, in the comments section below. And Follow this page for more such beautiful experiences and stunning ideas to treat your loved ones J

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