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Bring Back the spark – Pocket Friendly Weekend getaway!

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The moment we start talking about having a break from our daily busy lives, we will conclude with a weekend getaway! And that is when we start to plan a trip- if we have enough to spend on the trip – all is well. if not, planning a trip will itself lead to a fight amongst us. the whole point of “bringing back the spark” will be lost.

And that is exactly what happened between us too. We wanted to have some time for ourselves, alone, but we ended fighting, we lost all interest in taking that very much needed break. After a number of failed attempts, we did come up with a quite efficient solution – I’m sure, this will be helpful for you too…

The solution was pretty simple – cutting down on expenses. Cutting down here means, not reducing, but removing a few aspects.

Now, what are all the aspects of planning a vacation?

  1. To and fro travel charges
  2. Hotel stay
  3. Food
  4. Cost of sightseeing and local travel

And what all can we cut down?

Since we are all looking for a relaxing weekend, we opted for a stay-in, instead of roaming around. And since we opted for a stay-in, we thought about not traveling long!

That meant, we dint have to leave the city for our weekend getaway – striking out Point no.1 on the list, which reduces almost 50% of the entire cost of the vacation.

Next comes the stay, we choose a nice hotel on the OMR, Chennai – The Gokulam park, Sabari. A beautiful view of the city, with a rooftop restaurant and a rooftop swimming pool. They also had a small entertainment zone. To top it off, we had planned our stay during the IPL season – so we got to watch a semi-final match on the big screen, in the rooftop restaurant with some finger-licking spicy paneer fritters!

And the last point – sightseeing and local travel was not even on our minds. As we just wanted to enjoy the company of each other, in a relaxing environment, not so far away from our daily lives.

We did follow this pattern of “Pocket-friendly weekend getaways” more than once. We had an overnight stay at the ITC, grand chola once. And IBIS, Novotel, also on OMR. And a few other places too.

So, who said you need a lot of money to get away from your stressed daily routines?

Try this quite efficient weekend packages to suit your pockets for that Much needed Weekend Getaway! And do share with us, your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. Keep following this page for more amazing memories and lovely moments 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

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